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First Periodic Review of Scottish Parliament Boundaries
Provisional Proposals for Regions
Local Inquiry

The Boundary Commission for Scotland arranged for a Local Inquiry into its Provisional Proposals for Scottish Parliament regions. All of the information on the Local Inquiry is available from this webpage.

Sheriff Principal Kerr
Thursday 22 October 2009
The Parish Halls, 266 George Street, Glasgow

In addition to being available from this website, the documents in advance of the Local Inquiry were also available for inspection at a selection of public libraries and Council offices within each area. A list of these display points appears in the Public Notice for the Local Inquiry, which is available below.

The report from the Local Inquiry was added to the website at the same time as the publication of the Commission's Revised Recommendations for regions.

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Prior to the Inquiry, it was announced that it would start at 10am on the first day, and would only continue beyond the first day if there was a need to do so, and that as a result anybody wishing to give evidence should attend the start of the Local Inquiry. In practice, the Local Inquiry started and finished on Thursday 22 October.

As a result of the nature and number of representations received, the Local Inquiry was into the Commission's Provisional Proposals for the regions of East Central Scotland; Highlands and Islands; Lothian; South Scotland; and West Central Scotland. The Local Inquiry did not consider the Provisional Proposals for the regions of Glasgow; Mid Scotland and Fife; and North East Scotland. For these regions, the Commission considered all representations received when deciding upon its Revised Recommendations.

The report from the Local Inquiry was added to this page when the Commission published its Revised Recommendations for regions.

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